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We offer Powder Coating, Sandblasting, Pressure Washing and Professional Painting Services.

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Welcome to All American Coating!

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics and protection of your surfaces, compromise is not an option. At All American Coating, we take pride in our professional painting service, which serves as a testament to our commitment to elevating the visual appeal and safeguarding the integrity of your spaces. Our expert, high-quality painting solutions cater to a wide spectrum of settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Whether you're looking to revitalize the appearance of your home, office, or industrial facility, our seasoned professionals are here to turn your vision into a vibrant reality.

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Our professional painting service offers the following:

  • Residential Painting: Transform your home into a personalized sanctuary with our residential painting expertise. Our skilled team is dedicated to delivering a fresh, vibrant look that not only suits your style but also provides long-lasting protection for your surfaces.
  • Commercial Painting: Make a lasting impression on your clients and employees with our commercial painting services. We understand the importance of a professional appearance and are committed to helping you maintain a polished and inviting workspace.
  • Industrial Painting: In the industrial sector, durability and protection are essential. Our industrial painting service is designed to shield your facilities against the rigors of daily operations, ensuring longevity and a clean, professional appearance.
  • Whether it's a single room, an entire building, or an expansive industrial site, our expertise in painting spans all scales of projects. We're here to deliver the utmost attention, precision, and top-quality materials required to bring your vision to life.

How does it work?



Reach out to us to discuss your painting project, including your goals and any specific design ideas.


Site Assessment

We evaluate the condition of the surfaces to be painted.


Color Selection & Design

Collaborate with our experts to select the perfect color and design options that match your vision and complement your space.



Before painting, we prepare the surfaces by cleaning, sanding, and making any necessary repairs to ensure a smooth, even finish.


Priming & Painting

Our team applies the appropriate primer and meticulously applies coats of paints to achieve the desired look and durability.


Quality Inspection

We conduct a thorough quality check to ensure that the final paint job meets our highest standards and your expectations.


Completion & Cleanup

After the paint has dried, we ensure that the site is left clean and ready for use.

At All American Coating, we believe that every surface has the potential for beauty and durability. Contact us today to discuss your painting project, and let us show you how we can transform and protect your spaces with our professional painting service.

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We offer Powder Coating, Sandblasting, Pressure Washing and Professional Painting Services.

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